Kura NOX Force

Kura NOX Force

Nitric Oxide Precursor
FORM: 90 Tablets

Nitric Oxide (NO) is everywhere these days or at least the name is, and for the sake of clarity you should know that it is one of the metabolic molecular byproducts produced in the body by using some of the most popular nutrition products on the market today! NO has broad spectrum affects on the body that range from its use in sex products, to its use in treating memory and learning disorders, hypertension, diabetes, drug addiction, sunburn, anorexia, intestinal motility and septic shock. There are very few pathologies that Nitric Oxide doesnt play a role in to some degree. It is so popular that there are over 30,000 articles written on this one molecule and it affects on the body alone! Most of these have been written and published in just the past half decade.

And with this much research, there are many products being made today that are designed to help the body make more NO, but there are only a few that contain ingredients that will give the body a choice as to how it will utilize the base material. This is the sign of a well designed product; one that provides more than one metabolic pathway to get nutrients into the system is the only way a product should be made. This is because everyones metabolism is different, so to ensure a product will be completely utilized it is best to make a product that works with physiology in mind. One such product is NOX Force, a product that has been designed to assist the body in the production of NO by combining technology with physiology. NO was first discovered by scientists who were trying to identify an agent responsible for causing blood vessels to dilate. NO is a small gaseous molecule that has been demonstrated to influence a number of different systems and processes in the body. These include everything from the immune system to helping supply the body with the nutrients it needs to survive and grow. What makes NOX Force different is that it supplies two unique amino acids that are cutting edge, and that help the body utilize several metabolic pathways to make NOX Force a more functional and a higher quality product overall!

NOX Force contains two amino acid derivatives, one is called ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate or OKG and the other is L- arginine alpha-ketoglutarate or AKG, both of which may under certain conditions have immunomodulatory and anticatabolic affects on the body after ingestion. The OKG and AKG molecules are glutamine containing molecules that are non ammonia forming amino acid compounds that have been shown to help balance systemic pH. Following the ingestion L-ornithine and L-arginine in these bound forms, they are absorbed through the small intestine via an active transport process. This transport system for L-ornithine is shared with L-arginine and several other amino acids. L-ornithine in its various states is transported via the portal circulation to the liver where it undergoes extensive metabolism to L-arginine, polyamines and proline and other metabolites. The ingestion of these ingredients ultimately promotes the production of NO which has been shown to have a direct effect on the circulatory system via vasodilation.

The Nitric Oxide molecule itself only lives for a few seconds, but for anyone who has had circulatory problems or wants to increase blood flow via vasodilation it is a very important few seconds! Arginine is one of the components required to carry out the synthesis of nitric oxide, a compound that works via the production of cGMP (a systemic chemical), which relaxes blood vessels and allows more blood to flow through arteries. It has been hypothesized and shown that taking extra arginine will increase NO levels and increase blood flow throughout the body. It must be said here that this ingredient and how it functions is not a cure all because circulation problems can be caused by any number of physical or psychological reasons, and taking products to increase circulation can have its   own set of problems, especially if you are taking medications etc. It is recommended that a strong antioxidant be taken with products that produce NO simply because these types of products are so effective in having the desired effect on the body, and because of their chemical structure.


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