Kura WP40 Whey Protein

Kura WP40 Whey Protein

FORM: 2 lbs (907 grams) Powder

Every product has a story this one starts out as a thought and becomes a reality that has gained momentum in a fashion that we never expected. In the search for a whey protein product that was better than what is currently being sold WP-40 was born. It originally was a product that was designed for private use by a few individuals who were looking for a great tasting highly functional protein. Disgusted with what others were selling, the team at Nutri-Force came up with WP-40. They let a select few of their inside group try the product, and they raved about its taste and how it worked. And as its popularity grew, and word got out, the demand began to grow. Soon, it was decided that with the flood gates opening that is was only right to release this product to the public in general. The response has been overwhelming; the product is flying out the door because when the time is right, the public lets you know it. To give you a complete and clear picture as to the background of this product and what it can do here is the inside story about whey protein.

Whey protein is a very complicated and intriguing form of protein derived from milk. The types of proteins found in milk have been not only misunderstood, but the terminology used to describe them has been abused and in some cases totally misrepresented. To get an accurate picture of what milk is, and what it contains we have to first look at what milk can be broken down into, and what it can provide. Milk is made of many different types of proteins, fat, water, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates, the proteins are what we will concentrate on here. In the past, the most advertised and most used form of milk protein to date has been casein, there are a number of different types of casein and they make up approximately 80% of the proteins found in milk. The remaining 20% of the proteins in milk are found in the whey; these are again broken down into several therapeutic subcategories.

Whey protein is broken down into several different functional categories based on the size and type of the molecule. The first category which is the largest is beta lactoglobulin, and then comes alpha lactalbumen, then bovine serum albumin and lastly the immunoglobulins. There are others such as lactoferrin which is found in minute amounts in comparison to others, but they are no less important. There has been much confusion concerning the differences between what whey protein, lactalbumen and lactoglobulin are. These terms are thrown around without any thought as to their meaning, well... the terms whey protein and lactalbumen are used interchangeably by many; they are used to describe the whey protein category as a whole. To clarify, lactalbumen is actually is really a component of whey protein, but is sometimes also used to describe whey.

Whey protein itself is a very important addition to what can best be described to date as a mediocre supply of proteins from a variety of sources. Whey protein is an extremely functional type of protein that has several applications ranging from possible stimulation of the immune system to stimulating muscle growth. And because of this, real whey protein is a highly sought after form of protein. There are a lot of different protein supplement/meal replacement products on the market being sold as so called engineered foods & biotechnical wonders of the new millennium. But there are few that you can truly rely on to provide you with what you are paying for!

So Nutri-Force Nutrition proudly presents a great tasting fully functional whey protein for the next generation of whey protein enthusiasts. Nutri-Force takes special care in buying the right blend of whey protein that is pure and unadulterated, just the way it was meant to be. Nutri-Forces WP-40 is a revolutionary whey protein powder mix! Over the past 20 years there have been those who have tried to produce a quality protein drink mix, many of which have turned out to be no better than what is sold in the grocery store as instant breakfast. And as many of you know, real whey products are expensive. So if you are paying top dollar, where is the money going? Are other companies using the best quality ingredients that money can buy to make the product work better for you? Probably not, because most of what you pay for when you buy a product is the packaging, marketing and the advertising that is needed to move a product out of the store, not quality ingredients. This is what makes Nutri-Forces WP-40 unique, we sell direct to you! We are the manufacturer! This ensures that the product gets the attention and care that it needs to give you, the consumer not only a great product, but at a great price.

Nutri-Forces WP-40 product was designed based on the principles of applied nutrition. It tastes great because we only use all natural flavors, and do not dilute the product down with low grade sugars. We dont spare any expense buying the raw materials with which to make this product. So, with this in mind, and with the processing of these proteins being so important, Nutri-Force buys only the very best low heat types of processed whey. This allows for a more bioavailable protein and an overall better quality product. Nutri-Forces WP-40 overall contains the beneficial macro and micro fractions of the protein that are needed to sustain the body during periods of stress and growth. So, when you buy Nutri-Forces WP-40 you can rest assured that when we say we are using the finest quality whey protein with natural flavors that money can buy, we will guarantee the product meets this claim! You have our guarantee that Nutri-Force wont cut corners and add cheaper casein or sugars that other products contain to cut costs.


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