Kura Brazilian Diet (Yellow)

Kura Brazilian Diet (Yellow)

FORM: 60 Capsules


Protects the liver.
Detoxifies the liver.
Aids in digestion.
Reduces systemic acid.
Acts as a mild laxative.
Lowers blood sugar.
Tones gastric tract.
Increases metabolism.
Reduces appetite.

Yellow of the Brazilian weight loss program addresses the issues of low thyroid function and other weak areas in systemic metabolism. As stated, not eating isnt the way to go, and new research into cutting edge ingredients shows there is hope. Just recently research concerning the use of Garcinea Cambogia Extract showed us that the mechanism of action is its ability to suppress appetite. One of the ways it works is by acting on the hypothalamus; this is powerful validation for the use of this ingredient. It is also a potent inhibitor of the enzyme ATP citrate lyase (known as the citrate cleavage enzyme), which is required for the synthesis of fatty acids. This in theory prevents the production of long chain fatty acids and their storage in the body. And in conjunction with this, HCA can divert calories toward the synthesis of liver glycogen (a polymer of glucose) which also can support appetite suppression. It also means that the use of stimulants to lose weight isnt necessary. You have to remember that in order to lose weight the system needs to keep the metabolism elevated for as long as can be, that is without over extending it and creating stress.

More recent research is showing that people on high-protein/reduced calorie diets can lose twice as much weight over six months as those on the standard low-fat diet recommended by most major health organizations. This type of diet should of course include the addition of a responsible amount of live foods, dietary fiber and an appropriate intake of the right types of fats. One other benefit that the addition of protein into a weight loss regimen is, that it has shown to provide an improvement in triglycerides and HDL cholesterol levels which has obvious health benefits.

Our product also contains an herb that has years of history behind it for its use as a weight loss aid. Gotu Kola has been used in Asian and European weight loss formulas for many years. It is an excellent blood purifier, glandular tonic and diuretic. Gotu kola is known for being an excellent neural tonic because it helps to build mental stamina and maintains overall neural health. It is quick-acting and has anti-fatigue properties similar to that of Ginseng. In all, Gotu Kola has been found to gradually support and increase your energy levels, which in turn increases the body's metabolic rate and it doesnt contain any caffeine!

In any weight loss regimen it is very important to remember that systemic elimination is also very important, simply because metabolic waste makes you hold water. And if you are holding water, you will weigh more. So the Brazilian Diet has added herbs that will assist in the process of intestinal elimination and the associated toxins that are typically found in that waste. Herbs such as horsetail have a mild diuretic action which increases urination and reduces swelling, and may be a remedy for various bladder and kidney problems. Regularity is a major component of weight loss, as is the reduction of systemic acids that build up as toxins in the system build. The herb Carqueja has been added to address some of these issues. It is a Brazilian plant used by the natives that has a long history of use as a natural digestive and liver aid. Brazilian natives who use Carqueja have discovered it to strengthen the digestive process, eliminate intestinal parasites, stop diarrhea and to ease irritation of the digestive system. The fact that Carqueja supports the liver is very important in the digestive/weight loss process.

And lastly, the addition of Bladderwrack into this product is very significant mainly because it has proved most useful in the treatment of an under active thyroid gland. This is the key that unlocks theories such as set point (as described below), and is a way to increase basal metabolism. Through the up regulation of thyroid function there is an improvement in all the associated systems in the body. Where obesity is concerned and in situations where there is thyroid trouble, this herb may be very helpful in reducing the excess weight by kicking the gland back into gear because it contains the iodine that it needs to function.

To go into more detail: An area in biochemistry that doesnt get much press is the "Set point" theory. It is a more modern way of describing the basal metabolic process. This theory implies that there are certain parameters that make our bodies think they are in a normal homeostatic state, and has set all the systems in the body so they function at what it considers a normal healthy state. Those who are over weight are that way for any number of physiological reasons, all of which have made it difficult to lose weight. Once a set point is set it is difficult to change without nutritional and physical intervention. So simply put, the set point theory suggests that our body works on what some would consider to be a type of thermostat. When we diet and consume fewer calories, our body reacts as if we were starving with all of its compensatory responses such as the lowering of our basal metabolic rate (the rate at which we burn calories, in an attempt to conserve calories and weight). When we are successful in resetting the set point the end result is that we can maintain the same weight on fewer calories. The key here is to break through this self imposed set point, using products like the Brazilian Diet!


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