Kura CLA Force

Kura CLA Force

Conjugated Linoleic Acid
FORM: 120 Softgels


Enhances muscle growth: This is very important in that muscle burns fat, which increases the speed in which you lose weight.
CLA may lower insulin resistance: Insulin resistance (the inability for the body to utilize it) is a risk potential diabetics and others, CLA may help to prevent blood sugar disorders; which can make it easier to control your weight.
CLA may enhance immune function.
CLA may decrease abdominal fat and may lower your total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

CLA is truly an amazing product; recently research that has focused on a variety of clinical studies has shown the product to have a significant impact on a number of bodily systems. It may even have an affect on the reduction in body fat as measured by the Body Mass Index scale (BMI). This is very exciting for those who are mildly overweight. Studies on CLA have been done at Universities such as Kent State University, University of Memphis, The University of Kumanoto in Japan and University of Tours, The University of Wisconsin and also at the USDA Western Human Research Center and Medstat Research Ltd. in Norway.

CLA appears to work by affecting the cells that contain fat (the adipocytes) which are the major sites where fat is stored through out the body. These cells are where fat is brought into and released back into the body to be used for energy. CLA has been shown to be involved in the inhibition of fat storage in these types of cells, and has the added affect of helping to increase a process that helps to burn fat called b-oxidation, which occurs in skeletal muscle. It has been said the CLA also has an affect on the increase of lean body mass, which has a secondary affect of also helping to burn fatty acids for energy. Although the exact mechanisms of action are not completely understood, CLA has been shown to affect a wide variety of enzymes and hormones in the body, so multiple systemic mechanisms may come into play.

This is a product that is continually under study by the medical community because of its many potential therapeutic benefits. Many human studies are in progress right now, which will it time make the case for CLA's use even stronger. In the eighties one of the areas of research for this product was as a potential treatment for cancer. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin discovered that CLA interfered with the growth of cancerous tumors. Since then, a number of other studies have further shown CLA's cancer-fighting potential. Some of these recent studies have shown that CLA works by suppressing cancer cell development in animals, and in human cancer cell lines outside the body.

CLA's ability to help control atherosclerosis is well known, cholesterol and other substances over time can form plaque in your arteries, narrowing them which will reduce your heart's blood supply. In animal studies where a diet high in cholesterol was fed CLA, it was shown that CLA could help prevent arteriosclerosis. By the end of the study the subjects LDL, triglyceride and total cholesterol levels were markedly lower in the blood of the animals fed CLA.

As stated, one of the more interesting effects of this product is its potential ability to help maintain body weight via several different mechanisms. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that daily intake of CLA had a significant affect on the reduction in body fat mass in those who are moderately over weight. It is suspected that CLA supplementation lowers the levels of leptin in the body (leptin is a hormone associated with increased weight). And during the period in which CLA was taken, leptin levels dropped 20-35 per cent as study subjects lost body fat. Over all in this use category, CLA is thought to work possibly by lowering the amount of fat normally stored after eating a meal. The product is stated to be safe for long term use, with no known toxic side effects.

Recently is has become more apparent that oils such as CLA that are found in nature offer a number of significant benefits. They work in the system at every level to strengthen the body's ability to do everything from fighting infections to weight loss. It is sometimes difficult for some to equate weight loss with eating oils, but you have to keep in mind that this precious material is filled with the very essence of what helps to keep us alive. You won't find this type of benefit from eating the processed oils that you find in the grocery store; CLA has a very specific chemical signature that makes it different and therefore therapeutic. Taking CLA everyday may have a significant effect on your life, in that sometimes it only takes one missing component in the diet to create a deficit, but if you put it back in the diet it can change you life for the better!


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