Kura Fat Burner

Kura Fat Burner

Fat Burner

FORM: 60/90 Tablets


Increases metabolic rate and energy levels.
Helps to maintain blood sugar levels.
Weight loss without side effects.
Provides the body with essential nutrients.

BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue) is what is more commonly known as brown fat (a certain type of adipose tissue). Most people don't normally have much of it in their bodies, but it is what could be termed as the good fat'. BAT is very significant in providing our body with the ability to burn fatty acids as a source of energy. This type of fat (BAT) has only one purpose and that is to create heat or thermogenesis. Increasing heat internally also has a direct affect on our body's ability to burn systemic white fat. White fat is BAD FAT; this is the fat you can see hanging off of your body; the fat you want to get rid of!

BAT thermogenisis is not unique to humans; it occurs in hibernating animals also to help keep them from freezing to death, they live off the stored fat in their bodies during long periods of cold. This same principle applies in humans that are out in the cold for long periods of time. Thermogenesis kicks in to help the body stay warm, their bodies adapt to the low temperatures and this increases their ability to burn fat. It increases the bodys core temperature so it becomes more efficient at burning fats as a source of fuel. And increase in thermogenesis even occurs following meals. Unfortunately though most of the calories are supplied directly by the food, and not by the fat you have stored in your body. We as humans seem to have the largest percentage of BAT when we are young, and as we get older the amount of BAT gradually decreases until as adults, we have very little. This is only one reason (there are many others, as we all know) that sixty percent of the United States population is over weight!

When you think about it, this is a staggering figure, and unfortunately we cant just blame it all on the lack of BAT. It is a combination of a lack of exercise and poor lifestyle choices. One thing is for sure and that is the situation will only get worse in time if we dont do something about it now. Whats the answer? Is the answer taking energy products that contain ingredients that make you feel like you want to crawl out of your skin? Nobut the answer may be our 'Fat Burner'; it is all natural and doesn't contain stimulant ingredients.

The key to Fat Burner is its ability to help the body utilize fatty acids as a preferred source of energy. Especially since under normal everyday circumstances, people have little capacity for thermogenesis. Living in warm climates, heated homes, the use of cars to get around, and poor eating habits have all seriously suppressed our body's thermogenic capacity. So how do we increase our bodys ability to burn fat, how do get our bodys prehistoric capabilities back that will help us to maintain our body weight with little physical effort? Taking a supplement like Fat Burner may help. Fat Burner contains a health supply of B-vitamins that are known to increase energy naturally, because they assist the body in the production of energy. Fat Burner also contains Iodine which is a very important ingredient that many other products leave out. Iodine helps to maintain a healthy functional thyroid gland which is the gland that regulates metabolism.

Fat Burner also contains synergistic ingredients such as Magnesium and Chromium that are both known to maintain energy at high levels because they help maintain blood sugar, immune function and the conversion of nutrients into energy. Magnesium alone is a part of almost 400 different chemical reactions that are part of the production of energy!

Fat Burner also contains what are known as lipotropics (inositol, choline and lecithin) that help the body to burn fats more efficiently. It also contains carnitine, one of the most important nutrients of all for the utilization and conversion of fat into energy. The right combination of ingredients is important, and when it comes to burning fat, Fat Burner has all the right components for success!


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