Kura Fat Trap w/Chitosan

Kura Fat Trap w/Chitosan

FORM: 60 Capsules


Lowers blood cholesterol.
Binds fats and carries them out of the body.
Acts as a bulking agent.
Feeds intestinal bacteria.
May lower blood pressure and prevent other intestinal pathologies.
Carries toxins out of the digestive tract.
Lowers caloric intake.

Fat Trap is all natural and contains no stimulants. Fat Trap contains nothing but natural wholesome fibrous substances found in nature that won't disrupt your normal body processes. Fat Trap combines the high quality fibers found in psyllium husk, glucomannan and chitosan, to make a unique formula that traps fat molecules inside the intestinal tract before they can get into the bloodstream.

Extensive research that has been performed on psyllium husks indicates that they have a direct effect in minimizing the absorption of fat. Psyllium bonds to or 'grabs' fat molecules that are ingested during a meal, and also acts as a bulking agent. There are approximately 60 clinical studies that have documented the ability of psyllium husks to lower total serum cholesterol as well as LDL (the bad cholesterol) levels by up to 20 percent! As an added benefit, psyllium hulls absorb 8-14 times their weight in water, creating a feeling of fullness that helps reduce appetite.

The glucomannan in Fat Trap is a polysaccharide that is classified as a soluble fiber. Glucomannan can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water, it has been used as a dietary supplement to promote weight loss (because it gives you a feeling of being full). Glucomannan can be derived from several plants, but the primary source is an Asian plant called Konjac. Like many soluble fibers, glucomannan can bind with a variety of substances in the digestive tract, and can slow digestion down. It can relieve constipation and reduce the absorption of fat and to a degree, carbohydrates. This is why you may find glucomannan is often used in products intended to reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as blood sugar. Both of these fibers are very safe to take on a regular basis. The added benefit of taking fibers such as these is that when they expand in the stomach, they stimulate the body to release a hormone called CCK, this fools the body into feeling that you are full. You eat less, and hopefully loose weight, in addition to this they will help to prevent constipation and its associated painful side affects.

Gastrointestinal issues, pancreatic problems, cancer, joint and cardiovascular problems, are just a few of the medical problems facing the world because of poor dietary choices that are in high fat and low in fiber. Poor dietary habits can lead to a dysfunctional hormonal system because the body isnt getting the nutrients it needs to make the base materials it uses to function properly.

Some of the fibers in Fat Trap are metabolized by the bacteria that live in the GI tract. Which means that it will not only feed these bacteria; it will also form other beneficial metabolic by-products such as short chain fatty acids that help protect the gut against disease. These fibers contain no caloric value, but do serve as therapeutic aids in the process of weight loss. Fat Trap's soluble fibers have even been shown to assist the body in lowering cholesterol levels and stabilize blood sugar levels, which is very important in the weight loss process!

Another powerful active that is contained in Fat Trap is Chitosan. Since its introduction into the market in the 1990s, chitosan has been the subject of much research and discussion regarding its potential as a nutritional adjunct for weight management. Chitosan has been shown in research to have a beneficial effect on weight loss, cholesterol, arthrosis, ulcers, osteoporosis and blood pressure. Several studies support the hypothesis suggesting that the electrical charges that chitosan carries may bind to the negative charges on bile acids and fatty acids, resulting in the hypocholesterolemic (cholesterol lowering) effect. In addition to enhancing cholesterol excretion, this ionic bonding resulted in excretion of fat, along with its associated phospholipids, monoglycerides and other fatty acids. So overall, Fat Trap is a product that covers a lot of territory in the area of weight loss and building a healthy attitude about food. Most people eat because they don't feel full, and their blood sugar levels are depleted, taking a product like Fat Trap may help address these issues to allow you long-term weight loss and a longer a healthier life!

Please note that since this product carries fats out of the system, which may prevent the absorption of fat soluble nutrients, it may be prudent to take a good multivitamin product that will help to support any deficit that may occur.


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